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We’re Passionate About Our Projects
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Light, Sound, Video, AV, Intercoms, and more.
Stage, Studio, Classrooms, Boardrooms, and Beyond.


Lighting, audio, video, scenic, rigging, and more… CueBlue.com is quick, easy to use, highly secure, and smartphone friendly. Start shopping our constantly growing inventory today.

Events + Production

Looking for turn-key solutions for your next event or production? No project is too big or too complex for our network of event specialists, designers, technicians, and craftspeople.

Design + Consultation

Lighting, sound, staging, video, effects, graphics, entire events, and complete systems. The CueBlue network of designers covers the United States and every type of event or system imaginable.

Installation + Setup

Lift it, lock it, link it, clamp it, hang it, rig it, brace it, check it. Make it better, do it faster, work it safer, always smarter. That’s our motto when it comes to installing your precious new equipment.

Inspection + Management

Things fall apart and managing a venue is a lot of work. Why go at it alone? CueBlue’s custom-tailored inspection and venue management service are designed to keep your venue safe and operational without doubling the budget.

Training + Education

One-hour sessions, multi-week classes, month-long courses, workshops, and master classes…We offer education, training, and outreach services designed to meet your needs, fit your gear, and match your schedule.

Repairs + Maintenance

Is your gear giving you trouble? Are strange sounds coming from your dimmers? Have your speakers stopped working? Time for a gear tune-up? We’ll get your equipment back to normal in no time.


You’ve got your venue, your promo materials, and you’ve started rehearsals, but you need people to operate the equipment and make sure things run smoothly. We’ve got you covered with a constantly growing network of trained and capable staff that are specialists at helping you showcase your vision.

Stop blending in with the rest of the crowd and start leaving your mark on the world.

We Know Our Stuff

We’re entertainment lovers with backgrounds in the business and we’re always ready to help you in selecting the right products and services for your specific needs. We love this stuff.

Safety + Security…Check!

We’re serious about safety and even more serious about the security of your personal information. Nothing ruins a great event like a physical or financial tragedy.

Born To Be Mobile

We love pen and paper, but in our digital world, touchscreens are king. All of CueBlue’s websites are touch optimized and built for mobile phones and tablets.

You, You, You, and You

It’s all about you here at CueBlue. We crafted our company to provide you with the equipment, tools, and services you need to make your production dreams come true.

Why Waste Time?

Pickup the lights here, get the sound there, order the equipment from them, call Bob for setup…we’ve all heard these lines. We’ve got you covered with everything you need here at CueBlue.

All Day and All of the Night

CueBlue.com is always available for you to place an order, check the status of an order, or view your account information and order history. We made sure to hire computers that don’t need to sleep.

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